Saturday, August 11, 2007

Here comes the sun!

After over 100 days absence, the sun is back!

After 100 days, it's back

No two computer models agreed on the exact date of 'sunrise', so we held a sweep-stake on the time of its exact return. Yesterday, last week's blizzard had settled down bringing excellent visibility and a defined glow on the horizon as I walk back from the Simpson for lunch. After the meal, a heated argument arose between those still in the bets as to whether a mere glimpse of the sun was enough, or did the whole disk need to be visible for a win? Eventually astrophysicists and meteorologist agreed that a glimpse would suffice, and Tamsin won.

Freezing for Queen and country.

Being one of the last outposts of the British Empire, we couldn't let such an occasion pass without some pomp and ceremony. So in BAS tradition, Jim, the youngest member of the team, made a short speech about surviving the dark period and best wishes for the busy work ahead, then hoisted a new flag.

Festivities continued into the evening, with Ant putting on his most extreme BBQ yet, grilling steaks in the -40s. It's not worth risking beers outside - they freeze in seconds!


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