Saturday, July 14, 2007

Normal Service Resumes

After nearly three days of shaking buildings, zero visibility and snow-filled boots, the storm subsided leaving an impressive aftermath, both on paper and on the ground. This year's high-wind record was nudged up a little to 46.4knts (10 minute average), with a maximum gust of over 60knts!

Outside, the gale had driven falling snow into every nook and cranny. Although the main buildings are raised on legs to reduce snow accumulation, the garage and Drewery sit on the surface causing vortexes to deposit huge quantities on their lee-ward sides.

The Garage sitting in a crater

Yesterday we dug out the sledges and skidoos. Some were covered by over a meter of snow!

Chris discovers a skidoo

I'm very pleased with the return of bright skies. For the past six weeks, most trips outside have been greeted with an enthusiasm normally reserved for the M42, but yesterday there was enough light for a run before breakfast, a pleasant (and fast) ski to the CASLab in the morning, and enough left over for digging after lunch. I went to bed pleasantly knackered for the first time in ages!

Pleasantly Knackered


Anonymous mark hobley said...

46 knots? that's just a stiff breeze in snowdonia!! come on dave, you're getting a bit soft in the south! we have small children and sheep regularly blown above head height here! In fact, with our summer so far, all children must be kept on a leash if under 4,(by order of the Welsh Assembly Govt!)

12:25 am GMT  

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