Monday, July 30, 2007

Goodbye wind. Hello light (updated)

We've had another three days of blow, with 50 knt winds causing the buildings to sway enough to splash water from toilet bowl and to make soldering a real threat to the finger tips. Ant dug his camera out and filmed some of the weather. Check out his UTube page here.

As annoying as bad weather is, the good side is every time it clears, the sky is noticeably brighter. Today, despite a solid layer of medium cloud, the sky's not just orange, but yellow!

It's also a sultry -14C, with a nice solid wind. As I'm off today, it's time to dig the kite out...


Just spent two and a half hours kiting. My legs can barely move and my eyes are stinging from being un-accustomed to the light. But what a day....

Tams and Dean adjusting the mast stays

Ant takes a break from topping up the Melt-Tank

I know I've said it before, but the sky was simply mind blowing. Over the course of the day, a bank of alto-cumulus receded revealing a yellow centre directly to the north , filtering through every colour in the rainbow to the darkest blue above the Polar Plateau to the south. They say digital cameras can cope with 32 million colours, but there must have been too many from my little Ixus as the above shots are a lot redder than in reality.

The Laws with Andy Warhol purple snow

Just about everyone found an excuse to get out this-afternoon, and now there's a lot of reddened but smiling faces wandering about with hot-chocolates in hand. The sun may not yet have crossed the horizon, but there's a definite hope that we've seen the last of winter.


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