Monday, August 06, 2007

The guitar is finished!

Had a great weekend. Saturday was my Met Day, but as a visit to the CASLab was called for, we incorporated it in a pleasant run round the perimeter. We covered the 8ish Km in 52mins including a 10min stop, making a new record thanks to the firm snow. Hopefully we'll get it under 40mins as the light improves.

Sunday was a good kiting day with many people venturing out for the first time since before winter. There's been a big buildup of snow forming wind-scooped trenches behind barrels to test the skills. A gentle 13knots blew from the east, but the hard snow made for quick enough riding. Unluckily Jules suffered an annoying skis-crossed-when-taking-off mishap meaning a nasty twist to his ankle and a trip to Richard's X-ray machine.

Today I've been a busy boy and have finished the guitar. Here it is:

The world's only dog-sledge guitar?

One Happy Rocker!


Anonymous Skinny D said...

Hi Dave, you've even got the hair to match the guitar - I think we need to have a chat about that...

8:46 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi Dave, loving the guitar. good effort. though have to agree with skinny on the hair! Heulwen.

10:32 am GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's wrong with his hair? I think it's great

11:37 am GMT  
Blogger Benners said...

the guitar rocks dude!!!

The hair ROCKS!!!! Hahaha

Good effort my son. Hope all is well.

10:27 pm GMT  
Anonymous Nell said...

Are you writing anonymous notes in support of your own hair, Dave?

8:11 pm GMT  
Anonymous Marv said...

Rock On!!!

1:03 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't you have a barber down there Dave? Let me know if you haven't and I will arrange to have one flown out to you as a matter of urgency.


12:13 pm GMT  

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