Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Elvis Night!

Last Saturday brought the birthday of Mark, electrician and lead singer / guitarist of the Halley Band, Z or Dead. Now Mark's a big rock n roll fan, and there's no bigger rocker than Elvis, so that was the theme of the evening. Ant served massive homemade burger and chips, then we struck up the guitars and launched into a non-stop hour and a half of rock n roll.

A Meal fit for The King

It was great fun. We'd learned from our previous indie set, so this time went for simple, sing-along tunes that everyone knew. Hound-dog, blue suede shoes and suspicious minds were all in the set, along with a good blast of Rolling Stones to keep people on their toes.

And tonight, we're going to be, ELVIS!
(Cheers to Tom for this one!)


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