Tuesday, July 24, 2007

My Guitar

One problem with the lack of daylight is that it brings a feeling of apathy I've only encountered before in a Brummy winter. Now daylight's creeping back, we've not only stuck at the running, but have indulged in personal projects. Not wanting to make life easy, I'm building a guitar.

It's going to be a hollow bodied electric, using the neck and pickups off my old axe, which has been sacrificed to the cause.

Old meets new

The basic shape

Once I'd decided on the shape (a kinda Dave Grohl / The Edge sort of guitar), I asked Jim the chippy for some tips on the joints. Overlapping with pegs was recommended, so I got the saw out and started cutting.

Each joint was better than the last

The first joint was a bit messy, but tidied up with the chisel. The second improved and by the third and fourth, I'd found the knack and they fitted snuggly. The basic shape was completed last night and the next step is to attach the neck.

The body frame on top of donor guitar.
Joints start bottom left and continue, improving, clockwise...

I'll post more as it progresses. In the meantime, here's some serious woodworking, the plans for a Nansen sledge.

A Nansen Sledge

More photos, and detailed sledge plans, here.


Blogger Rob Webster said...

hey dave, the look of the guitar so far pleases me. i look slikje a cracking project and i look forward to watching it's progress. its got to be the first electric nansen sledge, a symbiosis of the traditional with the ear-splittingly up-to-date. good work.

p.s. i can't get any e-mails into your address. are you having trouble from other people?? i just keep getting a mail delivery NON! thing which is irksome. rob

9:26 pm GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Cheers Rob.

I dont know what's going on with Yahoo Vs Hotmail. I tested it with Ant and everything worked fine, but it's seems to be blocking you! Try my BAS account...

9:12 am GMT  

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