Friday, July 06, 2007

Fat Fighters update

Second run. Perfect conditions, -35C and no wind under a waning moon. Ant, Richard, Sune, Tom and I managed 6km in 40 mins. Happy with that.

But Tamsin baked pastries last night. Temptation again!


Anonymous Skinny D said...

How about resigning to the bulge and just affectionately call it your "winter warmer". I think you are justified in having a winter warmer given the temperatures down there...

11:40 am GMT  
Anonymous mark hobley said...

yo welsh dave!

sorry been so slack at writing to you, but have been checking out your crazy adventure on a regular basis. obviously it's not a patch on your extreme activities, but me, rhys, stevo, stevie and some others are off on a verbier road trip in august. NO GIRLS ALLOWED!! we're getting a head cam too!
Cracking photos of snow, snow, and, er, snow and ice by the way, keep it up. look forward to catching up when you get back with a welsh black sirlion steak, medium rare, and a pint of purple moose from porthmadog brewery

ps weather here is gash!
pps going part-time in september, mondays and tuesdays off, bring it on!

9:21 am GMT  
Anonymous mark hobley said...

by the way, from the piccies i must agree, there is more of you than there was.....
so when you get back, gravity and potential energy will make you an awesome downhiller.....
but you'll find escaping the mad women you attract that much harder due to lower acceleration and top speed on foot. we'll get stevo to explain what he does..... ;)

9:24 am GMT  

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