Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Z or Dead - Antartica's loudest band?

A few photos of Z or Dead, rocking the Laws Lounge on Friday night. What we lacked in tallent and equipment, we made up for with enthusiasm and volume! With the nearest neighbours 300km away, we could have been the loudest band in Halley, Rothera or even the whole Antarctic!

From left to right: Me (rhythm guitar, backing vocals); Dean (drums); Mark (lead guitar/vocals); Alex (Bass)

And this goes out to...

Alex sings a version of his own. Very funny

Cheers to Tom for risking his ears to get the photos


Anonymous Stu. said...

Dave, what features on your set list for Z or Dead?

7:00 am GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

The Mighty Zed played a mixture of indie, 80's sleaze and classic rock. It was:

1. Snow Patrol, Chocolate
2. Blue Tones, After Hours
3. REM, Man on the Moon
4. Marthyr and the Muffins, Echo Beach
5. REM, Loosing my Religion


6. Sweet Home Alabama
7. Rod Stewart, Maggie May
8. Whitesnake, Is This Love? (This is our power ballard...)
9. The Jam, That's Entertainment (with addapted and topical lyrics that make no sense anywhere north of 75 degrees)
10. Status Quo, Rockin all over the World


11. Black Sabarth, Paranoid
12. Slade, C'mon feel da noize


10:43 am GMT  

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