Thursday, July 05, 2007

Rock to save the planet!

Just checked the calender and realised this is the weekend of the Live Earth gigs. Although I'm not sure how these concerts can really achieve their aims (so Bono, is poverty history?), there's a cracking list of bands to see!

Not only do we have the mighty Spinal Tap reforming, but Matt, Rob and Tris (who I trained with in Cambridge) are playing as part of Rothera base's band, Nunatak. But don't fear the name, they're not an oppressive God-Rock outfit, but rather a indie-folk-fusion. Nunatak means "An exposed summit of a ridge mountain or peak (not covered with snow) within an ice field or glacier."

Good luck lads! If the gig's half as fun as the "Holiday Inn Sessions", we're in for a treat.


Blogger Simon said...

Nunatak are on the telly right now :)

1:30 pm GMT  
Blogger Matt said...

Aye aye dave,

Live earth had no of the energy (maybe I mean cider) that the holiday inn sessions had.

Plus driving a skidoo into the sea ain't quite the same as hire car and swimming pool.

12:58 pm GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

We've finally watched your video on YouTube. Very good, but we expected an Axl Rose "November Rain" style guitar wank on the sea ice!

Seriously, we loved it so much we're thinking of forming a tribute band.

2:05 pm GMT  

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