Friday, March 02, 2007

To answer your questions...

Cheers for all the questions. It feels like I've been giving more feedback than Spinal Tap's amps, but it's all good fun. Here's a few that might interest everyone.

Skinny Dave asked:

"Are there any contingencies against people getting lost other than the guidelines?"
Yep. A number of people in their second year on the base are trained in search and rescue practice. This involves searching the area by sweeping using a line attached to one of the buildings. After each sweep, the radius is increased until the whole area is searched.

"Do you carry radios or have to sign in or out?"
Both. There's a peg board to show where everyone is, a signing out book (with time due back) and we all carry VHF radios with a spare battery.

"What sort of clothing do you wear on your 'commute' to work?"
See below!

Neil (EA) asked:

"A boring question for you.What's the food like now you're established on the ice?"
Not a boring question at all! The food is simply fantastic. Antony, our chef, has worked all over Europe and used to manage a large fine-dining restraunt for a large international company. A Saturday night meal down here would cost no less than £30 if you were eating out in the UK.

I'll do a whole post on the food later.


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