Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tour De Halley

Here's an aerial photo labled up to give you an idea of what's where. (Click to enlarge)
Briefly, the buildings are:

Laws: Main winter accomodation
Drewery: Summer accomodation
Garage: Does what it says on the tin
Simpson: All Meteorological science (my office)
Piggott: Upper Atmosphere science

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We built this shelter last week. It houses an inflatable helium filled Blimp, but rather than a banner for a Golf Sale, this one carries instruments to study ozone levels in the tropopause. We tested the system, but wont be flying until August when ozone depletion is at is greatest.


Anonymous Skinny D said...

Hi Dave, a question for you. Why is the base so spread out? I would have thought that to save fuel on the skidou taxis or getting lost in white outs it would be better to have them all up tight and close. But then maybe fires would spread or the buildings interfere with measurements?

Maybe you can help.

Alls well in Bangor, the bush is starting to grow back after its annual fireing last weekend...

2:10 pm GMT  

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