Saturday, February 10, 2007

Scotland hits Singletrack

If you've been reading this from the start, you'll know mountain bikes are a big thing for me. Before I left the UK, a mate and I took a weekend trip to Scotland to find some propper mountains. For something to do on the ship, I pitched the idea to a magazine and they accepted it. So, if you're interested in riding in the Cairngormes, go buy a copy of Singletrack.


Anonymous Phil Carrotte said...

A more extreme version of this is revealed in Dave Evans' article, where he's gone to Antarctica for 18 months, but had one final weekend in which to ride bikes. Where would you go?

"Yeah, ner, ner, na, ner ner! I'm in Antarctica and went mountain biking in Scotland and now I'm a journalist!" ;-)

6:05 pm GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Erm, thanks Phil. ;-)

The article made it to print pretty much un-editted, but I disagree with "A more extreme version of this is..." as what Rob did was far more extreme than taking an interesting job. Go buy the mag to find out more...

10:22 am GMT  

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