Thursday, March 01, 2007

Anarctic Attire

Back in the day, the top tailors of Saville Row were appointed to design clothing for Antarctic expeditions. We may not be sporting Burberry today, but there are still similarities between the pioneers’ kit and our own. The first is that all our kit is damn good stuff, similar to that found in both the outdoor leisure and Alaskan oil industry. Secondly, traditional fabrics are still used where they’re known to out-perform the more modern stuff. Ventile (windproof but breathable cotton) has been used since the 1940s and fur, well, since we were living in caves.

For working indoors, I’ll wear: ‘Moleskin’ trousers and thermal top; Mid weight fleece; Normal socks, pants and trainers.

But for travelling between buildings and working outside, I need to add:
Giant Orange Overall; Ventile Windproof smock; Fleece neck gaiter; Thermal undergloves and Thinsulate work gloves; Rabbit-fur and leather hat; Yellow-tint ski goggles; Mucluk steel-toecap 5 layer workboots. All in that order!

Every girl's crazy 'bout a sharp dressed man - (ZZ-Top)

All outdoor clothes are kept in the well heated boot-room, making faffing about trying to find that final glove a most unpleasant experience. After a bout of over heating (boot-room-rage, in the lingo), stepping out into -15 is most welcome!


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