Sunday, February 25, 2007

Settling In

After the Shackleton’s departure, we took a couple of days to transform the base from a box to something resembling a home. Rooms were allocated by lottery and I got a pleasant east facing number – I’ve certainly paid more for less in the UK!

Things have also changed in the office on the Simpson platform. There’s now four of us in the office: Kirsty (Met, 2nd year at Halley); Tamsin (Met, also joined this year); Tom (Met engineer from Germany with unmanned aerial vehicles!) and myself. We all have different backgrounds, the girls with physics and earth science degrees, me with instrumentation and Tom with a meteorology degree and engineering PhD. Between us, we should have all bases covered.

Playing dice in the bar

I've been busy in the workshop too. A broken camera lens is now working again and I've built a remote flash., so there's more arty shots to look forwards to.

The technical staff have been busy closing down the Dewery summer accommodation building, making a number of conversions for next year’s season of building work. The highlight of this was Friday night’s hot-tub party! Before the water tank is drained, the temperature is cranked up, bubbles and music are installed and beers are cooled on the snow! Naturally, jumping out of the hot water and rolling in the snow had to be done. The contrast between the hot water and -15c air was shocking! After I got out, I left my shorts on the ground while I took some photos. They froze solid within a couple of minutes.


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