Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Loneliness. Isolation. Despair.

Shock horror! The internet has been down for a whole day, plunging us back into the dark days of the 1990’s! This isn’t due to dodgy wiring, but to having to raise the satellite dish onto a new mound of snow to prevent it getting buried in snow over winter. Dean and Dave, the coms managers needed only 8 hours to move the dome, but another 8 to scan the cosmos for our link to humanity. After a few false starts the satellite was located sometime after midnight. Nice work lads!

Playing on the new tracked Quad

Back outside, the new Honda Quads (“A great toy… sorry, scientific research vehicle” (Top-Gear Magazine)) are proving useful and reliable. Martin wanted a few photos so two ‘Antarctic Hero’s’ posed in the low sun. Jealously guarded by the garage, I managed to grab a go and went exploring the mounds and wind tails on the tracked quad. The grip is unbelievable.

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Wheeled Quads go sideways


Anonymous Stu said...

Dave - are you actually doing any work out there, or is it like over here, where you get a bit of snow and every one stops and ends up playing in it? I think I've sussed you lot out. Should have seen the M6 around birmingham this morning. A dusting of snow and it all turns to chaos.

Excellant blog. Keep it up,

10:06 am GMT  
Anonymous Dean said...

I can confirm that Dave does indeed work, I was at the Simpson yesterday and he, Tamsin and Kirsty were too busy to make me a cup of tea. They were so busy, they ordered me to make the tea when Brian turned up.

I fail to see how reading magazines and browsing ebay qualifies as work mind you ...

3:42 pm GMT  

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