Monday, November 20, 2006

Drinks with the neighbours

Popping out on to the fo'scle for our usual sun-downer, Tams and Rob were comparing whale and dolphin sightings as I whinged about spending the last few days in the engine room and having missed all the action. As if on que, a school of about twenty bottle noses (I think, leave a post if I'm wrong!) charged out of the setting sun and began playing in our bow waves. Sights like this are more than fair compensation for the last few bumpy and sleepless nights.

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Anonymous Simon said...

Wow, stunning :)

11:16 pm GMT  
Anonymous Becs said...

Hi Dave!
Nice pics!! Looks like your all having fun on board : ) Cheers for the van advice. The mighty punto is no more and I'm now a white van women!! Still lacking in tunes your calibre but it now has fully working breaks so the roads are much safer. Keep up the blog - very entertaining!!

4:42 pm GMT  
Blogger Nick said...


4:34 pm GMT  

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