Sunday, November 12, 2006

Rum, Sodomy and The Lash: Crossing the Line

"...Stand up, and be counted, for what you are about to receive..."

AC/DC boomed from my laptop as we put the final touches to our Rocky headwear. Today we crossed the equator, a key point in any mariner's career.

When 'crossing the line', a first-timer is required to pay homage to King Nepture and appear before his court. While the court was set up, we Fids were given 15 minutes to hide. We ran for the monkey island, the highest deck of the ship, where we had water bombs and flour bombs ready.

A quater of a hour later, Neptune's police force came searching. The Fids gave a good middle range battle, the eggs and flour being particulary effective, before the cops over-ran the deck and attempted to make arrests. A general scrum followed, which, after a half time beer break, ended in one cadet tied up by the cops and two cops half duck-taped by the fids. Everyone was battered, bruised and covered in flour, and one crew suffered a broken ankle.

Having surrendered, we were brought before the court to face our charges. Naturally, we were all found guilty and were punished with eating chilli source and the kitchen slops being poured on our head.

It all ended in good humor and a long queue for the washing machines. Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Skinny D said...

Sounds like a canoe club birthday in the BV to me! Nothing changes.

9:38 am GMT  

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