Monday, October 23, 2006

Penguin Party

One of the hardest parts of this job will be leaving my family and friends behind for 18 months, so I invited everyone down to Wales for a bit of a send-off party.

Initially, this was to be at home, but as more and more people said they'd come, I had to hire a bigger venue. The excellent Trericket Mill campsite, just down the road provided just enough space for the thirty-something campers.

People drifted in throughout Friday evening, with one having made two trips due to his car exploding en-route! Saturday brought another great day on the bikes, complete with a substantial soaking at the end, but the weather did little to dampen the party spirits. Showered and changed, we cranked up the space heater and stereo, feasted on curry and partied into the night.

Even by ex-Bangor standards, it was wild. Bunny girls pole-danced while blokes in Hugh-Heffner costume smoked cigars and drank whisky. I owe a massive thank-you to everyone for coming, especially Mum and Dad for somehow feeding everyone, Rowan and Rich for a superb effort on the decks, Lucy for the wine and to all the Heff's and Hunnies who really made the party. Cheers for all the cards and presents too. I love you lot and will miss you like crazy.

Click here for the full photos. (Not for weak-minded fools). Posted by Picasa


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