Thursday, November 02, 2006

An introduction to ship-life

My fifth day at sea starts early, 05:45, to take metrological readings from the bridge. As I clambered up the steep stairs, the lights of Vigo, Spain, are twinkling on the horizon. This will only be a quick call to drop off two engineers who’ve been equipment testing with us on the run from Immingham.

The ship is much more settled in these coast waters than the heavy sea we battled through yesterday. The Shackleton has an unusual motion through the water; she almost corkscrews along, pitching and rolling in unison, her bow smashing so deep into oncoming waves that green water fills the bar port-holes (Pic). But despite her best efforts, no-one’s been seasick yet.

Over the last few days we’ve been tidying up, taking inventories and generally getting on with tasks that wont be easy when the ship is full of people. Today, I’m on ‘Gash rota’, helping the chef, wiping tables and washing up. Just when I was starting to enjoy this holiday! Posted by Picasa


Anonymous Deano said...

Sup Dave, ignore the email I sent, good ol' Google found your blog.

Nice to see the Shack isn't leaking as much as I feared, and dont get too comfy in the Hiltonesque room you've been given!

I've got another 3-4 weeks of UK weather before I meet up with you guys, and it feels like it'll never arrive. Just as well really, I've got so much to see and people to do, I wouldn't be upset if we're delayed even more.

Take it easy, and keep updating. I'll see you, Tam and Rob in 3 weeks.

3:30 pm GMT  

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