Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Weather's Finalee

Summer's officially over, at least from the weather's point of view.

Antarctic storm looming over Halley

Last night a spectacular low span off the penisular into the Weddell sea. They usually head north and loose power, but this one circled inwards getting more and more fierce. This morning the wind was steady at 48knts and gusting into the mid 50's. With visibility under 10m, all work was cancelled and people only left the buildings to make essential checks. I've had a great day, catching up with an important item that's been on my todo list for weeks - "Do Nothing". And top fun it was too!

Down at the coast, the Shackleton slipped her lines and headed west to shettler in Precious Bay. Dodging icebergs using only the RADAR can't have been much fun. Hopefully the sea-ice at the bay will remain intact for her return.

The forecast promisses another few days at 30knts, then easing. This is great news as calms tend to follow storms, meaning we should (fingers crossed) get nice weather for the flight out next week.


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