Thursday, February 07, 2008

January revisitted!

Dean's managed to recover the final few missing photos from my laptop, so here's a little round-up of some comings and goings from the last few weeks.

Taking down the mast

Simon and I pulled the loggers out the ground, then he and Dean headed up to retrive the instruments. The snake-like wiring loom was quite a battle!

Delivery driving

All the goodies pulled from the lab were transfered to containers or sledges ready to head back to the ship and on to new sites. Here's my current ride with some cargo on board.

Crane driving

After initial differences (like which way a lever should move for Up and Down), the crane and I have finally clicked. Together we've plucked cargo from rooves, pulled boxes from holes and lowered crates into containers. On a good day it's almost Jedi - I don't need look at the controls and the boxes move as if by mind power alone. Which is handy, as I noticed some of the CASLab stuff costs £60k per box!

Finding relics from the past

While sorting the emergency containers we found a gallon of "medicinal" brandy under a bunch of feral sleeping bags. Just what the doctor ordered!

Other than that, I'm still running the recycling, experimenting with the incinerator and planning the end of season party. The 68h week is taking it's toll and each day is ridden out on a wave of caffine. Compared with last year I'm finding it harder to socialise, as by 10pm I'm ready to collapse and try to grab 8 precisious hour before it all starts again.

That said, the ship's due tomorrow bringing my Christmas goodies, some petrol and a change of routine. All good stuff.


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