Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Skijuring at sunset!


The Shack's back, bringing with it my Christmas box full of essential goodies like new clothes, books and the local paper. But there's no gain without pain and a quick dental check-up soon had Penny waving her drill at my teeth and fixing up the result of a high-sugar and low-fluride year. One filling's not too bad for a year down South, so I'm told...

Sunsets are making a welcome return, bringing with them perfect light for playing with my new camera lens.

Heading out to play

Passing the Simpson in the mist

Me, upright for once! (Cheers Jules)

Jules working it

Inspired by skateboard and mountain bike photography, I've been wanting to try and emulate that style with the kiteboarding at Halley. I doubt two weeks will be enough, but I learned a lot in one night. One thing's for sure - it's going to be fun trying...

In other news, the giant tent to cover other Halley VI modules have arrived. Working over the weekend to make the most of good weather, we craned them into place and padded out the beams to stop the material getting damaged by chaffing in high winds.

Padding the beams inside a module


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