Thursday, January 31, 2008

28 Days Left!

I had never thought about leaving much until last week. Maybe it's the new month or reports of South African beaches that have turned my eye to the calander and my mind to moving on.

Simon decommisioning the CASLab Mast

Work's been trundling on with most of the build materials now un-packed, freeing me some time to find my scattered possesions and locate a guitar and snowboard sized box. My crane driving is improving with familiarity, as the Italian controls were baffling at first (moving a lever up would, I hoped, make the boom go the same way. But no!).

Days are long and the few leisure hours are restricted to foot or wind power as we're out of petrol till the ship arrives. Couple that with water restrictions and late post, and I really could be in a UK summer! Fellow winterers Ant, Dean and Richard were also feeling the need for space, so last Sunday we headed out to the closest thing Halley has to a landmark - the 4km marker. It was a gloriously warm day and fantastic to get away from the noise and clatter of the station for a few hours. Thinking back on it made us laugh: skiing 4km to see a pile of fuel drums must mean it's time to go!

A Halley Landmark

That's all for now. Off to feed and enjoy my precious two personal hours...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I found your blog though a friend of mine in Texas. I am from Canada. I wanted to let you know that I have enjoyed you pictures and comments greatly. I will miss your updates when you leave. All the best to you in the future.

12:27 am GMT  

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