Sunday, January 27, 2008

The tents are on

I'm back! Everything from my last back-up has successfully transfered to a borrowed laptop, so the blog continues!

Lashing the tents up

This week was mostly spent inside the Halley Vi modules, lashing the giant tents to the frame work to try and withstand the infamous ceaseless winds of Halley winter. After the weather haven experience, I had little hope for the giant tents' chances, but have seens exactly how many lashing points are in there, I now recon they'll be ok!

Inside the plant module

The heavy plant is in, but mothballed for winter. It'll be commissioned next season once the outer panels are on.

Skis with keels

This one's for Ben - The units wont slide away as it's totally flat here, but the flexing of the legs in high wind could cause them to "walk" if unsupported. This problem is solved by large dighy-style dagger boards bashed into the snow!

Other news - the weather is getting colder. The days of working outside in jeans and thermal top are gone and we're back to a not-unpleasant -10C. The new (as yet nameless) band are storming ahead with a largely new set. All we need now is a venue to fit 100 revellers...


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