Monday, April 23, 2007

Night Shift

I'm on the night train...

From Thursday gone to Friday coming, I'm on nights. Down here, there's someone awake each night, mainly to ensure a fast responce to any fire alarms, but also to check the running of experiments and do some cleaning.

Although I've worked nights before, the last job was a call-out role that required quick reaction to the 'phone, but not a complete shift in body clock. To change over, I stayed up till 04:30 on Friday morning, then slept through till 12:30. After a quick brunch I popped out skiing to knacker myself out, followed by a power-nap from 16:30 to 19:30.

Friday night went fine and though I slept easily through Saturday, last night was bizarre. Towards the end of the shift I felt so tired it was almost as if I were drunk. When Richard took over at 08:00 I grunted something incoherent and collapsed into my pit, completely broken. I guess this is a similar feeling to flying to Australia!

After almost ten hours sleep, I got up feeling a lot better and managed a quick ski in the evening gloom before taking over this shift. Tonight's gone a lot better. I've shifted my feeding times round and have baked some bread which was well satisfying.


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