Wednesday, March 28, 2007

In the kitchen

The other day I was asked to expand on the daily life at Halley. With skies like last night, it seems odd to me that people want to know where I eat and sleep. But I guess it's the little details that make the bigger picture, so let's start in the kitchen.

Breakfast is cerial, or toast with fresh bread baked by the night watchman. It's self service with little conversation. Do you talk to your colleagues 5 minutes after waking up? I thought not.

Lunch is at 1pm. Compared with breakfast, the dining room is now far more lively and full of converstation. Antony, our full-time professional chef will have fresh soup, pizza and other such niceness ready and waiting. We eat, drink tea and read the truely appaling TeamTalk Sat News newspaper, which keeps us in touch with the UK at just below red-top level.

When we're back to work, Ant spends the afternoon singing along to 80's rock while preparing a big dinner comprising at least 2 dishes, plus a veggie option. Some days we have food, but more often than not, it's cuisine. Excellent carveries, fish in sauces and stunning veg mean we're all about half a stone up, despite the calory burning environment.

Any does get days off though! Thursdays and Sundays are taken care of by a cook's rota. This is me, doing my share...

Chef Evans at work

...Not Pasta Surprise, Ben! Sausage casserole (a la Delia) and veggie bean casserole in the making!


Anonymous Bungee said...

Dave chopping onions, one of your world famous 'pasta surprises'?

10:57 am GMT  

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