Thursday, April 19, 2007


I'm on gash today, cleaning and helping Dean with the cooking. Right now I'm taking a break and reading about early Antarctic expeditions. The book's thrown up the origins of some of the terms we still use today.

"Ski-juring" Current use - to be dragged behind a skidoo on skis or snowboard. Originally a Norwegian term meaning to be dragged by a dog team when on skis.

"Caboose" Current use - metal container with primitive living facilities - bunks, stoves etc. Originally a Canadian word for the workmen's train wagon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Dave,

Why do the Jackets in the ice cave photo have fur edged hoods?

It looks like the fur would just get in the way to me and not really keep you warm because it's on the outside of the jacket. I guess there must be a good reason for it though?

Neil (EA)

9:32 am GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Hi Neil,

Those red jackets are seriously warm. They're filled with goose down and the fur keeps wind and snow out of our faces. Doing the hood up gives you total tunnel vision and makes you look and sound like Kenny from South Park. It's been down to -45C, but the cold really isn't a problem.

8:00 pm GMT  

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