Friday, April 06, 2007

Easter Bank Holiday

I didn't expect bank holidays down here, but in keeping with Civil Service traditions we've got a long weekend. Well, most people have, but due to the need for constant meteorological monitoring, the Simpson Team has a more scattered range of days off. Still, I've skied round the perimeter (7km) and am enjoying a good mooch about before working tomorrow.

Sunday Update

Extreme Barbequeing

Friday night brought holiday spirit in the form of the most extreme barbeque I'm likely to attend. Donning Canadian goose-down and wolf-fur jackets, we huddled round the flames, minding our lips on beer cans as metal sticks to skin at -32C!


Anonymous becs said...

Hey Dave,
I ended up horse riding to one of the pubs you've taken us too mid route on a red mud bike!! It was a bit strange to be there in the sun. Glad to see you get a bank holiday too.

8:16 am GMT  
Anonymous Skinny D said...

I found that metal sticks to your lips at minus 25 degC. Damm that small plastic cap on the gas canister, too small to get off with cold fingers, cunningly tempting to use ones teeth. Ah well, at least it cheered everyone else up, the sight of me with a gas canister frozen to my face.

7:55 am GMT  

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