Thursday, March 29, 2007

Minus 32!

This morning brought our lowest temperature so far - minus 32C.

Richard, James and I started the day by digging a tonne of snow down the narrow shaft into the melt tank which provides all our water. Digging is done by rota. A month has flown by since I was last on and I wonder how much colder it will be when I'm on next.

One tonne of snow, down the hole must go

All that digging soon warmed me up, so I headed straight out to the CASLab to check the instruments I'm looking after while Neil's on his winter trip. CAS means Clean Air Sector - an exclusion zone of about 1km, up wind of the base, allowing studies of air/snow chemical interaction to be made. Never a great fan of chemistry, it's interesting seeing it in action.

The CASLab in action


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