Friday, March 23, 2007

Kite + Snowboard = Fun

Yesterday was great.

After four days of wind and snow, the sun came out and I got to catch up on all the outdoor work that the weather delayed. As Kirsty was away and Tamsin cooking, I was running flat out all day.

After dinner, the wind picked up so I headed straight out with kite and board. I'd not tried boarding with the kite before, having stuck with the familiar skis, so I was a little apprehensive as the kite took off. At first I sat on the ground, strapped to the board with the kite above me, puzzled and going knowhere. Then it clicked - lots of power and an agressive tug on the lines pulled me up and away.

With only one other person out it felt like I had the whole iceshelf to learn on - and I needed it! The motion of the board suits kites better than skis, and in many ways it's easier although it'll take a while to become as natural as skis. Even the crashes were fun (in that perverse 'picking scabs in important meetings' kinda way that only mountain bikers will understand). Fantastic!

On a different note, here's a photo of the 80's party, courtesy of Mark.

80's Night

Back row, from left: She Ra (Kirsty), Karate Kid (Jules), New Romantic (Neil), Miame Vice (Pete), Optimus Prime (Me), Brian May (Mark), Striking Miner (Dean), Miame Vice (Tom), Kid From Fame (Sune)

Front row, from left: Crocodile Dundee (Jim), Dr Emmette Brown (Alex), A Yuppie (Richard), Mr-Spoon-with-spaceship-and-button-moon (Tamsin)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kite boarding certainly looks like lots of fun dave! loving all the pics by the way, it's been ages since I've checked out your blog... Heulwen.

12:59 pm GMT  

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