Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me!

Cheers for all the birthday messages. I'm dead chuffed and am deeply missing the usual get togther to drag bikes through knee deep snow and mud. Hopefully Bec's weekend will provide the necessary suffering/celebration.

A Post Work Drink in The Ice Bar

Anyway, being in Antarctica doesn't mean missing the party! Not at all.

On The Day itself, we happend to have dug a large hole to retieve a mirco-baragraph (highly sensitive barometer) for its annual raising back to the surface. It must have been a particularly snowy year, as the hole was over 2m deep by the time we found the thing. Not wanting to waste such a large excavation, we worked the shovels some more to create seating and a small bar. At least half the base turned up for an ice-cold post work beer with the icey setting and pumping techno creating a good apres-ski atmosphere. After a couple of drinks (with nibbles), we headed back to the platform where Ant had cooked a great lamb curry. Superb.

As Wednesday was a work night, the main partying was defered to Saturday. That evening we assembled in the bar to celebrate the decade that taste forgot - the 1980's. Yuppies, strikers, super-heros mingled with detectives and music lovers, setting the bar high for the first party of the season. Photos, as ever, to follow...


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