Monday, March 12, 2007


Dirty Street Riding - Cardiff, March 06

I felt a lot colder this time last year. Waiting for the bus to take me from Paul and Janet’s to my interview at BAS HQ, I wondered how I’d cope with Halley if I felt this bad in Cambridge. As I was settling in South Wales I didn’t ‘need’ the BAS job, so entered the room relaxed and honest. A week later a letter said I had missed the mark for the second time. I didn’t bother phoning for feedback, as whatever BAS wanted, I clearly didn’t have. Or so I thought. Six weeks on I was executing ‘Plan B’, attending interviews to carry on up the corporate ladder, when an email came out of the blue: BAS had a vacancy and did I want it? Feeling a little anxious about an unknown future, but massive excitement, I jumped.
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