Tuesday, October 17, 2006


If mountains are my drug of choice, Cambridge has been my Methodone, designed to wean me off them slowly before the flat abstinence of Halley. But, like any junkie, I needed one last good hit.

Encouraged by a stunning weather forecast, Dr Ben and I drove through the night to the Scottish Highlands. We stopped in Dundee to take a look at the RRS Discovery (Capt. Scott's ship), which sits in the town centre and is a major tourist attraction. Despite having been hacked about to meet modern regulations (I don't think wheelchair access was an issue in 1903), she still retained a lot of original features and it was fascinating to see how the Antarctic pioneers lived.

Heading into the hills, we got three classic days' riding. (Click for photographs). The Cairngorm Plateau was stunningly beautiful, with cloud pouring down the valleys beneath us. The descent was worth the slog up too, as the track had an almost perfect blend of technicality and speed. If I don't get on the bike again before I leave, I'm a happy man. Posted by Picasa


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