Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thinking Inside The Box

I have a space just 100x80x70cm in which to pack what Z-list fans might describe as my 'luxury items': it's going to be a tight squeeze! In addition to this crate, which will be manifested as cargo, meaning I don't see it on the journey, I'm also allowed to take passenger luggage. Despite having ruthlessly auditted my life before leaving Wales, I'm now struggling to decide what I can do without over the 2 month voyage. Alongside non-essential items in the crate, I've added some supprises including a selection of magazines, DVDs and CDs. This was all purchased along with a 2-year supply of underwear in a most surreal trip to Adsa.

Back in the office, things are still storming along at full pace. We've mixed chemicals, seen a selection of new vehicles, and have nearly grasped the complex calibrations requried to use the Dobson Ozone Spectrometer. We've also been busy equiping ourselves with more tools and toys for the journey. Ebay have been doing very well!

I've started to feel tired this week. Looking back in my diary shows not one free day in over a month. Add in a full-on holiday and a very emotional previous week, and it's not supprising I'm starting to flag a bit. Hopefully the remaining A4 sheet of life-admin will be finished on Saturday, finally giving me a day to myself. We will see... Posted by Picasa


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