Monday, August 14, 2006

First week in Cambridge

Well, what a fast week. Arrived on Sunday to a room in a flat owned by a friend of a friend. It's about as far from BAS as I could go in Cambridge, but the flat is modern and tidy, and the area quiet. Roath, the last place I lived in Cardiff, was one of the most densely populated districtics in the UK. Even after living there for a year, I never got used to the cats howling, the neighbours yelling, the stolen cars screaching and the police helicopter hovering.

I've earned my sleep too, as this week was as busy as it was interesting. The week started with building a radio mast 15m tall by only 30cm wide which wobbled a fair bit when standing on the top! Later, we learned more about the climate and ozone measurements we'll be taking, and their importance to the science going on back in Cambridge. BAS really excels in making staff feel valued. Heads of science programmes have take time to explain the importance of our work, as they understand that without good data, the best models and theories are worthless. Walking about the place, you get the feeling everyone is glad to be there. Even the receptionist has done a Southern Tour! Evenings have been spent exploring the pubs of Cambridge, and taking the traditional punting trip. I'm suprised by how quickly I've adapted to this new life, and how much I'm enjoying it.

However, today brought the tragic news that a good friend from Bangor University died in a kayaking accident in Austria over the weekend. He was not just an expert kayaker, but a fine friend, always ready to help others progress through the sport. My thoughts are with his girlfriend and family. He will be soarly missed. Posted by Picasa


Blogger Steve_Hewell said...

Hope you are having a good time. Ea is the same SH-- every day. Using your MGX notes quite a bit, Mark needs to get up to speed for a mass swap. Sorry to hear about your friend, the training seems very interesting. If you need anything let us know and we will try and accomodate.

Good Luck

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