Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hit the road, Jack...

For the first time in my life, I'm a nomad.

Awoke on Saturday feeling surprisingly good, so tidied the flat, packed the van and popped round to say good-bye to a few good mates.

Leaving deliberately late, I hit the near empty roads headed for Cornwall. Before long I was cruising along, the van feeling nicely settled with the extra weight on-board, until the terrifying smell of electrical fire hit my nose! Openned the window. Shit, it's definately inside! Screached to a hault and powered down to find an over-heated inverter causing the strench. Chucked it in a skip and drove on nervously, occasionally sniffing the dash to make sure I'd got it right. My eggs are all in one big blue basket right now.

Anyway, near-misses with infernoes aside, had a great day surfing in Bude before heading to the Hotel in Redruth, where I'll be based this week. Have spoken to the others from BAS, currently stuck somewhere in Dartmoor, so will hit the bar and wait there. Posted by Picasa


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