Sunday, August 06, 2006

Roped Access

Another glorious week. Another set of challenges.

We finished off Cornwall with a surf at Newquay followed by a trip round the local RAF base to see how the Met-Men keep Britain's planes in the sky. Interesting, but not a lot going on due to low nimbostratus and constant drizzle.

Last week was spent living the Alan Partridge Dream at Holiday Inn in Taunton. While I shouldn't condone vandalism, I have total sympathy for those who have thrown TV's from Holiday Inn windows around the World: A quick check of my room tab on the telly revealled a beer costs £3.60 and a G&T £4.20! This is very much in the world of the corporrate Amex.

However, we'll all in a good mood having spent the week dangling off electricity pilons at Western Power's massive training ground. Coming from the public-sector, this course has been a total change of pace. A quick but comprehensive safety talk, out to the shed to fit the fall-arrest gear, then standing on top of a great big pilon. All before Monday lunchtime! Over the course of the week, we've learned how to use four different safety systems, plan and carry out work at height, and to rescue an injured colleague. I've also learned how much a linesman can earn after a three year apprenticeship: Pretty much what an undergraduate would have racked up in debt over the same time...

(Pics to follow when I find some broadband)


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