Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fid FM

As part of BAS's media work, we've been asked to contribute to a BBC Radio 4 programme called "Team Spirit". The programme follows the lives of team living and working in closed or semi-closed environments, recording their experiences, interactions and highs and lows. It's likely to be series featuring us, a Formula 1 team, a Morris dancing troupe (?) and some Majorettes. The show should air sometime in April. I'll post the exact date as soon as I know.

Tamsin handed the recorder over as she left, so over the last few days I've been recording my diary plus some of the sounds of base. Last night it was Ant in the kitchen; this morning the weather balloon being launched into a raging blizzard.

A face for radio!

Later I popped into Brian's workshop to try and capture the sounds of plumbing. The quality of the mic and Marantz recorder is unreal - every little sound, even pencils on pipes, came out crystal clear.

Hisssss, crackle, clunk

As a big fan of Today and Home Truths, it's great to be doing some work for a station I've admired for ages. It's also quite scary, as 4's standards are so high. I just hope they like the Taffy accent!


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This is very cool.

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