Friday, February 22, 2008

Futher Reading

For those of you want more from the frozen south, here's a brief selection of the many Polar books I've read over the year. I've picked one from each era to try and give a broad view of Antartic history. They all cover not just the expidition's aims, but the everyday happenings that bring character to any story.

The Heroic Era
The Voyage of the Endurance
Sir Ernest Shackleton
The ledgendary tale of the loss of his ship, and subsequent boat journey to South Georgia. A timeless classic

Back in the Day
A World of Men
Wally Herbert
ISBN 413 26280 4
A personal account of surveying Antarctica in the post-war "Golden Era" of dog sledging. Excellent writing from one of Britains last great Polar explorers. Herbert became a world authority on polar travel and lead the British Trans Arctic Expedition on the first crossing of the Arctic Ocean. His observations and humor make all his works a pleasure to read.

Of Dogs and Men. 50 Years in the Antarctic.
Kevon Walton and Rick Atkinson
ISBN1 897817 55 X
Awesome stories covering all 50 years of dogs sledging from 1954 to 1994. Stunning photographes and witty accounts lead the reader to discover the dogs' fate at the hands of the beaurocrats.

The Thatcher Era
On Antarctica
Len Airey
ISBN 0-9708699-0-8
Not all years go as well as our did. Airey had to contend with difficult colleagues and even Argentine invasion! Nevertheless, the lure of the South kept him returning as this gritty account reveals.

Present Day
I dont know about any recent books, but the excellent Z Fids website keeps links to blogs current and past. There are also great anecdotes from those who've lived and worked at Halley.
Cool Antarctica provides a similar service to a wider audience.


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