Tuesday, February 26, 2008

24 hours to go!

It's my last day!

All my personal possessions are boxed up ready for the shipping back to the UK, leaving me with the welcome simplicity of one rucsac and a camera to enjoy South Africa. We'll be leaving at 5am tomorrow, flying to Cape Town via South African and Russian stations en-route. Apparantly the Russian base (where we'll spend a few hours) has plenty of relics from the Soviet era dotted about. The camera is fully charged...

Back here, work is pretty much finish. The final module is complete and we popped over for a nose about. Very impressive. More space station than ice base.

The completed module

The interior is a classic modern design, familiar to anyone who's used student accomodation. Considerably more spacious than the current base, the rooms are also sound insulated to "good hotel standards" so sleep maye an option in future summers.

Inside a new bedroom

Although the summer's been long, leaving so late means I've got one more glimpse of the fantastic colours of the Halley evening. Bright orange under the sun, soft pastels behind and deep deep blue above. For a place with no features, it really is beautiful. Nights are now totally dark and there's only 10 weeks till the sun sets entirely for another year.

Destination: North

Time to give this computer back. See you in Cape Town...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks - it's been fascinating. I'll miss the regular updates from the bottom of the earth :)

10:37 am GMT  
Blogger Nell said...

Yes - Cheers for bringing us along on the ride! Look forward to hearing from you in S. Africa and seeing you in BC in a couple of months! Nell x

9:16 pm GMT  
Blogger Rebecca said...

Safe trip home Dave. Enjoy South Africa and see you soon, Becs

1:01 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


really enjoyed your blog! I dont suppose you can please send me a photo of the Halley station! amycarswell@hotmail.co.uk
Thank you!

1:35 pm GMT  

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