Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Happy New Year! (Updated)

We're nearly done. After two weeks of unloading and lugging, all bar one load is off and safely up at base. The last few parts are large and fragile, so we'll move them once the wind dies down. After working flat-out for 20 days, it's great to spend the afternoon off watching films, lounging in the sauna and just kicking back.

Hurry up and wait

On the whole, I can't believe how lucky we've been with the weather - A blizzard-free fortnight is a rare thing.

Shadow on Amderma's hull

New Year matched Christmas in its splendor. While others gathered and counted the pips, we exchanged gloved handshakes and hitched up the next load. Celebrations came later, and in style, with the crew inviting us to their cabins for beers and Champagne! In the spirit of international cooperation, Toddy and Chris look some of the Russian crew for a tour. Although few spoke English, they returned half an hour later with big smiles, penguin photos and many gestures of thanks.

Dayshift have had some fun too - this igloo appeared at shipside one morning.

Back home, New Year was always a big deal for meeting up with old mates from Bangor and heading somewhere hilly to play. This tradition is too good to die, so Toddy and I set off to explore one of the creeks and abseil back down to the ship.

Updated - All photos now working!

Toddy heading into Creek 6

Walking the ridge to the right

Setting up the anchor

And abseiling back down

To meet Chris, 2nd Mate from the Shackleton

Safety First - Clear labeling saves backs!

Brian makes the tea

So there we are. 2008 has started well and with any luck will carry on the same.


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Happy New Year!!!

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