Sunday, December 30, 2007

Meet the Mothership!

We're onto the second ship!

The Amderma approaches

Registered in Vladivostok, The Amdera is a former Soviet tank transporter now making her living as an ice-strengthened cargo vessel of considerable capacity - She's got five hold, will house 500 containers and has a drive-on ramp which is so large the Captain dare not lower it onto the ice in case is crashes through!

Drilling moorings into the ice

Mooring her up took the best part of a morning as six anchors needed drilling into solid ice, beneath the 2m of snow!

Tying up

Once dug in, the lines had to be dragged by SnowCat as they were far too heavy to pull!

Once settled in, cargo came off thick and fast. Containers and big, easy boxes, plus the Shackleton's expert crew handling and directing operations have made things so a lot more smoothly.

Truckin' Toddy in K16

Pulling up the ramp

Oh, Christmas finally happened last night when I found some pressies I'd hidden away in the bottom of my bag. Cheers Lucy!

Christmas Pressies!


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