Sunday, January 06, 2008

Black and White Penguins

I've had an enjoyable three days off to recover from nightshift, and have finally got round to developing some black and white films I shot on my last visit to the colony.

Why bother with film? you might ask. Well, it was a challenge to myself to see what I'd learned over the year. By taking away all the extras of a DSLR and using a fully manual camera, I could be sure it was me, not the electronics, doing it right.

I'm pretty pleased with the results.

Emperor being empiric

Colony against the icecliffs

Colony again

Young 'un

Gaggle of chicks

(For photographers: All were taken on a Nikon FE3 with a 50mm Nikor lens, using Ilford 50 film and scanned on a Nikon negative scanner. No computer editing was done).


Blogger Alice said...

Amazing - thanks for the pictures!

2:36 am GMT  

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