Monday, September 10, 2007

Night Blimp

Science never sleeps, as we say to explain the varying shifts on the Simpson building.

It was certainly wide awake last Saturday night. While eating dinner (this time at Ant's Pizza house) the monitor in the corner showed a sudden drop in ozone levels, the second of the day, so rather than retire to the bar we headed outside.

Dean steadies the Blimp

Tamsin about to attach the Ozone Sonde*

Up she goes!

We send the Blimp up at about 5m per minute, slowing the rate when it enters the body of ozone depleted air. Luckily, this was relatively short flight, peaking at 150m. There's enough line on the winch to reach 500m!

*(The ozone sonde is a custom made datalogger that records temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction as well as ozone. It's mounted in a toilet roll tube, giving it the local name "BluePeter Sonde"!)


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