Monday, August 27, 2007

Bank Holiday Weekend

It's not just the UK that had a superheated bank holiday: Down here the temperature soared to a sultry -15C! Saturday afternoon's run felt warmer than ever, so good in fact that Richard set a new record of two perimeter laps. The bar has been raised.

Saturday night brought depravity in the form of Alex's Rocky Horror themed birthday party. My camera had a flat battery, but no doubt there's some horrific photos lurking elsewhere in blog-land...

I worked Sunday, but did manage the afternoon CASLab commute by kite. A solid 20knots made the 1 mile journey a matter of a few minutes. Coming back upwind, I was surprised how much easier it felt to keep the board on edge. As the scales are back the right side of 90kgs, I must be getting better! Yup, that's definitely it!

Yesterday brought good enough weather for Neil and Tom to head to Precious Bay and assemble the new Ozone loggers. The wind had dropped a touch from Saturday's levels, but there was plenty to kite-commute to the Lab again (I'm covering while Neil's away).

On returning, rather than follow the straight hand line, I picked up the circular flags marking the perimeter. Trying to follow a circle on a wind powered craft is harder than it looks, and the dinghy racers on base probably got a good laugh from my tacking efforts. Once sussed, I popped round the masts onto the open West Side and zoomed along happy again. After lunch more people came out to play and with six kites in the air, it almost felt like summer. After six hours flying yesterday, I'm really aching. In a good, "I've done some sport" kinda way. About time too!

To finish the holiday with a bang (and celebrate Notting Hill Carnival), the Halley Samba Band "Drum Line" banged out a few rhythms on the snow. I don't play drums, so took some photos:

"Drum Line" - The Samba sensation...

...and Halley's loudest band!


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