Saturday, September 08, 2007

Deja Vu

Warm weather over night, so up at 8 to pack bags and make flasks for a second attempt at seeing the penguin. We planned to take a Snocat, so Matt switched on the pre-heaters (a fuel fired device that warms the engine by heating the coolant and pumping it round the block) and checked it over.

From black-out to white-out in a few weeks

But two hours is a long time in Antarctic weather terms. The nice warming cloud blanket dropped enough to reduce visibility to under 1km and contrast to zero. One thing no-one fancies is driving towards the edge of the iceshelf and not being able to see it, so the trip was canceled.

No penguins today

Nevermind. Absolute zero contrast means no distinction between sky and ground. It made for some fun photos:

Playing with angles

More whiteness

Spent the rest of the morning lounging about drinking tea, chatting about places to visit and waiting out crap weather. It felt just like being back in Bangor!


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