Thursday, August 23, 2007

Antarctic Essentials

This time last year we were frantically buying toys on Ebay and wondering what would enhance our lives down south. So, to help our replacements (and for general interest), this is what I'd bring if coming again.

Snowboard and kite. (Outdoor sports are the key to having fun down here)
Two decent cameras. You can get away with just a pocket jobby, (Canon Ixus (Ixii?) are quick and even work in -40C!), but if you're thinking of a DSLR, then it's well worth the cost. Nikons and Canons both work well down here.
Laptop and music.
Winter present / personal project materials. There's fantastic workshops, so if you feel like making something, bring the bits!

Magazines. Other than Q, there's not been a restock for a few years, and it's getting familiar. Order a year's back issues of your preferred volume and ration carefully.
Indoor entertainment - projects, models etc...
Nice treats - chocolate, sweets etc

Don't bother
Everyday chocolate / toothpaste / shampoo etc. It's all here.


Blogger Paul Capewell said...

Interesting post - I'd never considered that about not getting something so simple as new magazines...

Do you get a lot of access to the internet (wireless in your room etc?) or is it fairly restricted? I wondered that, with regards to keeping up with British news and sport etc.

11:46 am GMT  
Anonymous Skinny D said...

Dave, on reading your post I felt you might have made a mistake. I would definately say that models as indoor entertainment were an essential rather than worthwhile...

2:04 pm GMT  
Blogger David Vaynor Evans said...

Paul: We have a satellite link to the internet, via the UK. The speed is somewhere between ISDN and Broadband (I forget the exact rate) which means tolerable browsing but no streaming audio/video. WiFi is available in the main living areas, but deliberately not in the bedrooms to prevent people disappearing for months at a time!

Dave: Either you're keen on the airfix, or you;re thinking of the wrong type of model... :-0

2:58 pm GMT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I have been enjoying your blog, as I have an interview
for Halley in a couple of weeks.

Would you take a bike down there?

John I

10:45 pm GMT  

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