Thursday, May 31, 2007

It's getting darker...

With only three weeks to go till mid-winter's day, the days are definitely drawing in. Daylight, or twilight, to be more specific, starts at about 10:30 and is all gone by 15:30. Even at it's brightest, the sun doesn't have the strength to cast a shadow, especially at the moment the full moon casts an eiree blue glow over everything.

The Laws at noon

Today I'm cooking, as we take turns to cover Ant's days off (Thursday and Sunday). Lunch was a success, fresh pizza, using the same recipe as for normal bread. Dinner continues the bread theme, being lamb curry, rice and Nan. I'm good at curry, but this is the first time I've tried my own nan bread. Finger crossed.

On a completely different note, as I've mentioned to a few people, BAS offered me a second year at Halley. After a battle of head vs wallet, head won and I turned it down and enquired if there was anything at Rothera instead. There wasn't, so I'll be finishing early 2008 as before.


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