Monday, October 09, 2006

Last Week at Work

The rollercoaster pace of our training, and my life, is continuing right up to the end. The highlight of last week was Elevated Platform training, giving us a nationally recognised licence. These hydraulically controlled were mounted on the Snow Cats we’ll be using at Halley. Despite its towering presence and 8.2 V8 engine, it was very easy to drive.

Having worked a few weekends, I got away early on Friday and headed up to Richmond, Yorkshire, to catch up with an old schoolmate. Over a curry, we chatted about the similarities between my job and his days in the Army. Up to now, I’ve been strict in keeping business and pleasure separate. Sure, I enjoyed my previous job, but I have always thought it important to have escapes, so I’ve never tried to earn a living from my hobbies. In working for BAS, I knew I would cross this boundary, and that life and work would become one. It’s bloody lucky I’m enjoying it then, we decided!

Saturday brought a superb autumn day, and with it a cracking mountain bike ride in Swaledale. My daily commute of ten miles has kept my fitness up, despite piling on the pounds thanks to the fantastic food, and lack of the high-intensity riding I was doing in Wales. Anyway, to get the most out of Halley I’ve invested in a 10sqm traction kit, so every extra pound will be an advantage in keeping me on the ground!

Sunday, again, was given to BAS. I drove the 200 miles back down the A1 to have lunch, change bags and grab a train to Plymouth for three further days advanced life support at BAS’ Medical Unit. This was well worthwhile. Working in small groups, we learned skills to deal with small injuries should the doctor be away from base, and to assist him in a more difficult operation.
Airway support, IV fluid and drug delivery and stitching small wounds were covered, along with a good recap on the basics. I also spent a fascinating morning in A&E, watching the professionals in action, resuscitating a patient. Hopefully we’ll never need these skills, but it’s good to know it’s there. Posted by Picasa


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