Saturday, December 15, 2007

Simpson Shutdown

We're done. The boxes are packed. Remaining instruments have moved. Dave's new office is ready. The Simpson's got an almost eerie emptiness to it, but it's ready to house paints, glues and other essential supplies that mustn't be allowed to freeze.

Empty Office

Waiting stockroom

Me and Dean in storage

We've managed to hang onto the back room and have fitted it out as an acceptable office for Dave next year. It's cramped with four of us in there, but I expect to be out on site next week shutting down remote containers and getting them ready for shipping.

The new office

Last night was fun. Chad, our Canadian Air Mech has bought a new 16sqM kite and was keen to try it out, so Chris and I went out after dinner to give it a whirl. 16sqM is a LOT of area, more than 50% more than what I'm used to, but the light wind made it easy to control and soon Chad was dragging himself about and getting a good feel for it. Hopefully there'll be enough wind for him to get skis on later today...


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